Elmwood Park Zoo Has Free Days for Norristown Residents!

Make sure your dad gets to feed the giraffes too!

Did your parents take you to the Elmwood Park Zoo (EPZ) when you were a kid? I remember feeding the goats and chickens as a very young child. Back then they had animals native to North America only. Now EPZ hosts African fruit bat, capybara, giraffe, zebra, jaguar, and many more animals- all located in the heart of Montgomery County!

Baby Luna and Diego with their mom, Inka. July 2017

As a member of EPZ, I visited frequently last year and the year before to see the cute little baby jaguars. The adults, Zean and Inka, joined EPZ in 2014 and are the parents of Diego and Luna who were born in January of 2017. Diego has since moved onto the Memphis Zoo to start a family of his own. You can still find Luna, Inka, and Zean at the fantastic “Trail of the Jaguar” exhibit. Don’t forget to check out the Birds of Paradise next door!


EPZ used to be pay by donation. Now admission is about $18 for an adult. However, the great team at EPZ has been hosting cool events for all ages (my favorite is the wine safari), and creating more activities like zip-lining. Enjoy live music on the weekends at their beer garden with fun games to play, let the kids run around the playground, get their face painted, and ride the carousel. You can still feed the goats and chickens like back in the day, but now you can feed the bison, giraffe, and birds, too! It is a lovely experience and worth the extra bit of money at the gate.


Elmwood Park Zoo continues to create interesting and educational events to keep bringing the community in throughout the season. This year, they introduce “Free Admission for Norristown Borough Residents”. It typically falls on the first Sunday of the month and is for a few hours. The next one is September 1st starting at 2pm. If you reside in Norristown borough and have driven by on Harding Blvd to see the giraffe heads above their enclosure but have never ventured in, here is your chance! I highly recommend checking out this zoo and grabbing a zoo brew to accompany you :) If you are an adult, plan for at least 45 minutes to walk and enjoy the whole zoo on your first visit. There is a picnic area if you bring your own lunch.


I like that Elmwood Park Zoo keeps their social media well updated. Check in on your favorite friends throughout the week by following their adorable, cheeky instagram. Stay current with their up to date calendar. Consider becoming a member or adopting one of their adorable creatures to help keep EPZ as a staple of Montgomery County.

If you go visit Elmwood Park Zoo, share your favorite photo of your trip with me on instagram @shainamcandrews .

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